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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  October 8, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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are in place around here to make sure any cases do not turn into an outbreak. >> they are also having toward addressing concerns that area emergency responders are not prepared. sam ford is live in northeast washington to explain. >> i'm outside the d.c. health department today. the city health director insisted that area health providers are on the alert for ebola and that the situation in dallas is no clause -- no cause for alarm here. of thomas came duncan's death from ebola, the d.c. health director said it is not a problem here and the medical community is prepared. >> i will tell you very simply, we will stop ebola. >> for one person, his death was very personal. she traveled to texas to assist the duncan family with the media.
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>> we're going to have a service for him. >> the d.c. community is on heightened alert since several suspected cases of ebola last week turned out to be benign. the hospitals are conducting sick drills, sending patients into the emergency room to see how fast they react. some ambulance crews have privately expressed protocol concerns, but there ross says they handle ebola as they are supposed to handle any infectious disease, with the proper safeguards they are ok. >> we want our providers and patients in the community to understand this evil is not a huge threat at all. -- this ebola is not a huge threat at all. >> and with about 40,000 people a year dying from influenza, he
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said more than worrying about ebola, people should get a flu shot. >> thank you, sam. the cdc is now training health workers from across the country heading to west africa to work with ebola patients. the cdc recently developed an intense three-day program in response to the ebola outbreak. the first class and pleaded its training today. the training facility is set up with mannequins representing patients. among other procedures, health care workers learn how to put on and remove hazmat suits, how to draw blood for and to disinfect surfaces possibly contaminated with the virus. life or death thing. if you make a mistake with your permit, you could infect yourself or potentially others. >> -- with your equipment, you could potentially infect yourself or others. coverage of ebola in america
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continues on you can find additional information on the new screening procedures at five international airports in our area -- in the country, rather. including dallas in our area. including dulles international in our area. we're also following any reports out of dallas. had lots of traffic today, you can blame d.c. cabdrivers. they blocked traffic while they were protesting. they want the d.c. cancel to regulate -- the d.c. counsel to regulate ridesharing services such as uber and lyft. they said they have a competitive advantage because they don't have to follow the same regulations as taxis. >> local baseball fans are mourning and early ending to what was a promising season. >> on the ground at second. panic.
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>> at the end of the washington nationals's postseason run does not mean baseball area fans are out of look. -- area baseball fans are out of luck. >> all season long, the nats have been filled with what they , but after the loss last night, their friends are filled with something they itude.ll sad but the orioles fans say their glass is running over with october fever. orioles magic dealt out of the speakers at natty o'briens. >> we had an almost record a on
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sunday. now that the o's are battling for an alcs and on friday -- and i >> i had more people than i ever have in my life. -- hugged more people than i have ever in my life. believedk everyone that for a little while. flex it had you going. >> until the seventh inning wild pitch. fans took to twitter writing this. crushing little league dreamers and leaving stadium workers picking up the pieces of what could have been. -- will fansion from navy yard get over there heart earned -- their heartburn and heart the boys of camden yards?
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what the diehard nantes fans would not say on camera is that long before the nats came to town, d.c. was a baseball town, but for the orioles. if the orioles make it to the world series, you will likely see many people from d.c. taking 295 to watch the game in baltimore. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00, how passengers at one airport could prompt changes.
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militants on the border of serious and turkey.
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the pentagon admits that kobani may still fall. and human rights groups say if that happens, if the town falls, could result in genocide. syria the senate into civil war, the world -- the world stepped in to remove assad regime's chemical weapons. but those have been neutralized. syrians put their own lives at risk to do it. us --thuman puts introduces us to the group. >> you're looking at what some would call the best of the best, although they would never tell you that. >> how do you feel? >> i feel good to get through this. to be honest. my wife will tell you this is has doubledn -- again as agonizing for me as doing the whole job. >> the job he's talking about that he agonizes over is saving
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lives by destroying some of the worst chemicals on the planet, mustard gas and the ingredients in serengeti as, used by syria on -- and the ingredients in gas,geti gas --serin used on assad regime on civilians. -- by assad regime on civilians. tuxedo off the ship it to you get off the job. it's a pretty big incentive. >> the work was tough, roughly 24 hours a day and dangerous. they retrofitted a microchip system to fit on the ship and in just 42 days, destroyed more than 600 tons of chemical materials, something never before done anywhere in the world. everyone in the room at this awards ceremony aware that as isis takes large parts of serious, the majority of chemical weapons cannot fall
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into their hands. >> do you ever think about that? >> we do. it's not something we dwell on everyday. getting the job done safely. >> scott thuman, abc 7 news. >> abc 7 news at 6:00, changes coming to the local airport after a serious drop in passenger traffic at one of them. afterlear night yesterday's rain. it may not stay dry for long.
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>> wall street just had its best day of the year. the rally began after getting to extreme those from the time being. at 6:00, three airports in the greater washington area are trying to strike a balance as one grows
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close to busting at the seams. more and more passengers are filling the terminals at reagan national. 2 million more are expected next year. this is the trend that began when new carriers one slots at reagan national and also at bwi. governor -- government officials say the idea is to find a balance between the airports. to follow the plan that the washington region has. >> the growth of business at reagan national and bwi resulted in nearly 20% loss of passengers at dulles. >> a judge plans to rule next week on a dispute over a pepco near itsrim trees power lines. some montgomery county residents went to court today seeking an injunction against the utility. they oppose the trimming for aesthetic reasons, but pepco says the residents could lose
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power if a storm brings down those trees. the judge plans to issue a decision next thursday. fire officials believed a lightning strike may have caused a fire that gutted a luxury home in anne arundel county. the fire broke out in the 10,000 square foot home in cape sinclair overnight as storms rolled through. everyone escaped unharmed. early estimates put the damage costs at more than $1 million. in somerm did hit badly places. >> a lot of lightning with the cold front, but we saw the result today behind the front. they just cleared out beautifully. we are quiet -- quiet for a while, but then as we head to the weekend, the picture gets a little bit more interesting. no storms, but gray. beautiful sunrise around the area this morning. the lunar got to see eclipse. i was sleeping at a time, but we have pictures. a whole gallery of the total
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lunar eclipse. a beautiful afternoon all across the area. cloudiness will dissipate and temperatures will start to fall. cool skies and dry air. we will sue the temperatures plummet tonight. scoreboardon the this afternoon. still holding the upper 70's at reagan national. everyone else is already in the lower 70's to near 70. temperatures will continue to drop by morning. upper 30's in outlying areas. closer to 50 downtown. latecomer -- summer heat -- some late summer heat down south. a typical october. these are normal temperatures for this time of year in the deep south and mid south. closer to average temperatures tomorrow, lower 70's with
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morning showers and afternoon clouds. emmie get into the day on friday. the green stuff here, well, it's either rain or thunderstorms. it will be well south of the tennessee valley. everything is set up in the stationary front to give us times of rain and cooler temperatures on friday. the big question is what will happen over the weekend. there are growing indications on computer models that this frontal system will stay to the south, separating much warmer and cooler air. we will be cool and cloudy over the weekend and energy pushing the west wing backwards over the big -- over the weekend. here is our story tomorrow morning. sunshine and 47. 68 at midday. increasing clouds and 72 degrees by evening. a 40% chance of rain on friday. cloudy and holding the probability of rain at 30% over
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the weekend. low to mid 60's. dry on monday before the next system with storms hits on tuesday. the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> here we go again. the same story, just told a different way. >> how do you explain it? >> i can't. >> ok, it was nice talking to you. >> critics come out of the red work -- the woodwork. the nationals had the best record in the league for the second time in three years, and then it quick exit from the playoffs. shaky defense and questionable pitching moves. and the most questioned called by matt williams was putting young aaron barrett, the rookie, in the game last night. rookie pitcher says the will come back stronger from
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this. >> he's a strikeout guy. he's got the ability to strike that guy out. unfortunately, it was a wild pitch. that happens. he's been our guy that we've with everything that we've played all year long. toget a big strikeout and get a big out. >> so matt williams goes back to the drawing board. the arizona -- the redskins are headed to arizona this weekend to play the cardinals. they have been watching the rehab of rg iii. he continues to heal quickly. staying positive and with a dislocated ankle, to do that in just four weeks is amazing to me. but the focus is on quarterback kirk cousins. he bounced back strongly from monday night football and has to continue to act like the starter as he leads this team going forward. >> i'm doing every bit of what i
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would regardless of the circumstances. i'm doing all i can. it has not shown up in the win column yet, but i will keep working and preparing and learning and getting better. we have better days ahead coming soon. >> that's a positive attitude. >> now this for the washington wizards, who were suspended in their altercation the other night against the bulls. several players will have to sit out the regular season opener on october 29. one player right in the middle of that thing escape the punishment. it is good to have him on the team this year. in montréal, gary trotsky is the new coach. we will see how that goes in the regular season. the goals are lofty in the hopes are high. >> if we had had more success, there would not have been massive change. you might have added yourself on
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the back little bit and been rewarded a little bit, but a massive failure like that and itd in a big change, has resulted in the positive feeling we now have also >> the caps in montréal tomorrow in the phone booth. and finally, university of maryland head coach has apologized for going after the officials after the game with northwestern. has been suspended from the game and fined $10,000. >> a little anger management area >> he's a good gu
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>> abc 7 and are hosting a national town hall on the isil threat. that will be october 16 from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. /townhall to learn how you can be in the audience for the a very nice day. greg guys are clearing. it will stay clear. temperatures will drop into the 60's and into the 50's in the metro by morning. captioned by the national captioning institute
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welcome to "world news tonight." and the new scare in dallas this evening. the possible new patient, raced to the hospital. he was part of the team responding to that apartment. just hours after we learn the ebola patient in dallas has died. also breaking, the nationwide man hunt for one of america's most wanted. what authorities have just revealed. the new image, the mohawk, and they read his letter for the first time. the tornadoes from the south to the microburst in the northeast. the stubbing damage. and look at this. the biggest tropical system of the year, about to hit. the nfl star in court today. was it child abuse or was it simply parenting? what they said today. and, pay back time. the cell phone carrier ordered to pay back millions of customers for some of those tiny fees that add up on your cell phone bill. do they owe you money tonight?


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